Sales and Customer Service

Customer Service at Silver Shadows is vital to us. We have lead the industry in this since 2015. Thus our amazing industry reputation and online reputation. Do we make mistakes? ABSOLUTELY! But we try and figure out how to fix them, not just for that one time but for fixing the issue going forward so that it may not happen again.

Silver Shadow runs a transparent company and you can count on us to listen to what you need and any challenges that come up with ordering, current and past orders alike.

  • Timely communications
  • Timely estimates and invoices
  • Timely followups to any issues that arise on orders
  • Timely answers to industry general questions
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R & D Custom Formulations

Custom formulations at Silver Shadow can range from custom bottles to custom ingredients. please fill out our custom formulation forms to get started if you want something other than our over 750 Sku’s we offer.

Custom Formulation Request

Custom Formulation Agreement

  • Custom Bottles
  • Custom Ingredients in all our products
  • Custom Color Capsules
  • Custom Size Capsules
  • Custom Softgels
  • Custom Tinctures
  • Custom Blister Packaging
  • and many other custom options