Company Ress Release Covid-19

Dear Friends & Colleagues, Like many of you, I have been inundated with the news coverage surrounding the development and international outbreak of COVID-19. While we are monitoring the situation each and every day, our operations are continuing to function accordingly to fulfill existing orders, accept new orders and plan for a successful future with our…


Private Label Eye Serums: The 8 Key Benefits

8 Key Benefits to Private Label Eye Serums Eye serums produced through private label manufacturing have an excellent track record for satisfying both retailers and customers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with approaching the question of private label eye serums from an undecided point of view. It’s smart to do your research thoroughly and confirm…

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What Are Private Label Products?

What Exactly Are Private Label Products? A private label product is a product that is manufactured by a company and sold under another brand’s name. You will typically find a lot of manufacturers offering private labeling to retailers to sell their own ‘store brand.’ Below, we will be going over more information on private label…

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What is white label CBD?

All About White Label CBD CBD is nowadays a trending subject everywhere you turn. From social media to mainstream media, you’ll definitely hear this term. Many consider it a “hype”. However, CBD is more than just that. It is here to change how we view cannabis. Legislation’s that are been enacted to legalize hemp will…

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Guide On How To Build A CBD Brand

The CBD industry has become a formidable entity in 2019. With increased attention on the 2018 Farm Bill for hemp-derived products, a lot of businesses have started to venture into this industry. Whether it is interested customers looking to spend money or entrepreneurs wanting to invest, the potential is there for sustainable success. Experts are…